Legend Soul 261


Legend Soul 261 organ, in collaboration with Joey DeFrancesco, excels for its powerful technology able to reproduce the iconic 9 contacts mechanic in digital way. Its innovative technology, combined with the improved keyclick simulation, gives to Legend Soul 261 a unique richness of the harmonic components and a realistic taste to the sounds. Its appealing style mixed with its advanced technology makes Legend Soul 261 one-of-a-kind.

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  • Premium waterfall keyboards with 61 keys
  • Virtual 9 contact keyboard
  • Vintage transistor and pipe organ models
  • Enhanced rotary simulation
  • Powered DSP platform and new features
  • Two full sets of drawbars per manual
  • Harmonic percussion
  • Improved keyclick simulation, diversified on the 9 drawbar contacts
  • Effects volume vibrato and chorus
  • Upper and lower real-time controls
  • 11-pins connector
  • Improved Fx send/return
  • USB power charger



Keyboard - Upper Keyboard - 61 notes waterfall keyboard with 9 contacts mechanic digitally reproduced (with adjustable positions).
- Lower Keyboard - 61 notes waterfall keyboard with 9 contacts mechanic digitally reproduced (with adjustable positions).


Technology TMT (Tonewheel Modeling Technology)
Transposer -6 +5 semitones
Fine Tuning 427.5 Hz - 452.9 Hz (+/- 50 cent)
Organ models Options of different Tonewheels, Pipe, and Transistor models. Option to choose different model for the pedalboard.
Crosstalk Unique crosstalk created for each tonewheel model
Keyclick Reproduced in an excellent manner and diversified on the 9 drawbar contacts
String Bass On/Off, Decay Control
Harmonic Percussion On/Off, Volume Soft/Normal, Decay Fast/Slow, Harmonic 2nd/3rd, Volume control, Decay control


Vibrato / Chorus Upper On/Off, Lower & Pedal On/Off, Select: V-1, V-2, V-3, C-1, C-2, C-3 selection of different V/C existing in different original electromechanics organs
Rotary / Amp Selection of different models of rotary speakers and amplifier. Bypass control and Memphis mode option
Reverb Selection of different settings. Pre/post Rotary Reverb configuration control.
Master EQ 3 bands (Bass, Middle, Treble) with adjustable parameters.
Overdrive Quantity control of the distortion on the Rotary / Amp effect.
Additional effects Ring Modulator, Flanger, Phaser, Wah, Tremolo, Delay.
On/Off and in real-time control of two regulation parameters (depth and speed of modulation, resonance, time and duration of the repetitions, etc…)


Controls - Upper Front Panel: Volume, Keyclick, Crosstalk, Reverb, Drive, Volume Soft/Normal, Vibrato Upper On/Off, Vibrato Lower On/Off, 2 set di drawbar Upper, 2 set di drawbar Lower, 2 pedalboard drawbars, Percussion Volume, Percussion Decay, Pedals Sustain, Percussion On/Off, Percussion Volume Soft/Normal, Percussion Decay Fast/Slow, Percussion Harmonic 2nd / 3rd
-Lateral Panels: programming section with OLED 128x64 pixel display, buttons for the selection of Tonewheels organ models, Pipe e Transistor, pitch bender, Rotary Bypass, additional effects selector with knob for direct access to the regulation screen, FX On, Amount e Rate additional effects, Tap time, Bass / Middle / Treble Eq master, Pedals Model, Pedals Lock, Pedals Thud, Pedals To Lower
- Rotary Speed Control lever
Drawbars - Upper 2 sets of nine drawbars: 16' - 5 1/3' - 8' - 4' - 2 2/3' - 2' - 1 3/5' - 1 1/3' - 1'
Drawbars - Lower 2 sets of nine drawbars: 16' - 5 1/3' - 8' - 4' - 2 2/3' - 2' - 1 3/5' - 1 1/3' - 1'
Drawbars - Upper Preset 2 buttons presets
Drawbars - Lower Preset 2 buttons presets
Drawbars - Pedals 2 drawbars: 16' & 8'
Midi In, Out, Thru In, Out with Soft-Thru option, Pedalboard In, MIDI on USB
Programming functions Output Destination for each manual, pedalboard and Left Hand.
Preset selection of V/C, Rotary/Amp e Reverb.
Manual configuration for Gospel Mode, Thud Mode, Lower Left Hand, Layer Mode, Contacts Position.
Pedalboard configuration for Lock Mode, Pedals to Lower, To Lower Mode, Pedals Direct.
Transpose, Fine Tuning, Equalizer settings, AO-28 Control Tone, Aux In Insert, Pedals function / Polarity / Type / Calibration, MIDI settings, Program Recall settings.
Confirm Program selection, Display contrast, Led intensity, USB Device mode, USB Audio Level, Memory Lock, Auto Power Off time, Save & Load file, Factory Reset, OS Update.
Connections Audio Out: L/Mono & R Line Out 6.35 mm jack, Pedals Out 6.35 mm jack (direct signal), 2 Aux Out 6.35 mm jack (with selection of the signal source), 11 pin Rotary Speaker, 1 headphone output 6.35 mm jack
Audio In: 2 Aux In 6.35 mm jack with adjusting gain pot, Analog In 3.5 mm stereo mini jack
Pedal: Expression TRS/RTS 6.35 mm jack, Foot Controller TRS/RTS 6.35 mm jack, 2 Foot Switch NO/NC 6.35 mm jack, Rotary Footswitch (speed control) NO/NC 6.35 mm jack, USB to Host; USB to Device.


Optional Pedalboard 25 notes; Pedalboard 18 notes; Expression Pedal and switch control; Bench; Stand; Softbag
Colours and Finishes Mahogany wood
Dimensions (WxHxD) 101 x 18 x 59 cm / 40,16' x 7.4' x 23,2'
Weight 19.5 kg / 43 lbs




VISCOUNT Legend Soul 261 organ, designed and engineered in Italy in cooperation with Joey DeFrancesco, provides incredible expressive capabilities. It comes in a perfect portable solution with an easy-to-use interface. Legend Soul 261 uses the latest in tonewheel modelling technology with the addition of our patent pending keyboard able to reproduce the iconic 9 contacts mechanic in digital way, allowing exigent musicians to play without compromise the fabulous original organ sound.



Legend Soul 261 has two full sets of 9 drawbars for the upper keyboard, two full sets of 9 drawbars for the lower keyboard and 2 pedal drawbars.
Located right where they belong are the rocker tabs to control the 2nd and 3rd harmonic percussion. Soft and normal percussion volume, fast and slow percussion decay.
Topper Manual Realtime Controls include: Volume; Keyclick; Drive; Crosstalk; Reverb; Vibrato and Chours; Percussion (Decay, Volume); Pedals Sustain;
Upper Manual Realtime Controls include: Drawbars set; Transpose; Edit; Exit; Presets; Organ Model (T.Wheels, Pipe, Transistor);
Lower Manual Realtime Controls include: Rotary/Amp Bypass; Pedals (Direct, To Lower), Equalizer (Bass, Middle, Treble); ; Effects (Ring Modulator, Flanger, Phaser, Wah, Tremolo, Delay); Pedals model and presets;

You can use vibrato/chorus independently for the upper and lower manuals or together. Use the familiar rotary control to select all three Vibrato and Chorus settings.



Along with the best sound and being easy to play, Legend Soul 261 has two 61-note keyboards with the feel of a tonewheel organ. The innovation of Legend Soul line is the patent pending 9 contacts keyboard, which combined with the improved keyclick simulation, offers a unique richness of the harmonic components.



VISCOUNT Legend Soul 261 organ uses the innovative TMT (Tonewheel Modelling Technology) able to perfectly clone the classic tonewheel organ. The result is a natural sound that can’t be obtained by traditional sampling. In the Soul line our TMT has been combined with our patent pending 9 contacts keyboard and the improvement of the keyclick simulation, diversified on the 9 drawbar contacts, giving to Soul 261 a unique richness of the harmonic components and a realistic taste of the sounds.



AUDIO IN/OUT: Legend Soul 261 can be connected to either a keyboard amplifier via outputs left / right. Possibly, via 11 pin connection, it can be connected to a Rotary Speaker.
AUDIO PEDALS OUTPUT: Legend Soul 261 is the only one with a pedals output dedicated to the sound of the pedalboard, without getting into the channel of Vibrato/Chorus and Rotary Emulation.
FX SEND/ RETURN: Be able to connect your favourite external effect.
ANALOG IN: It allows you to use the effects of an external instrument.
INPUT GAIN: It allows you to control the volume of an external instrument.
EXP: Expression pedal
ROTARY: To change the speed of the Rotary.
HOLD: Hold control both for Legend Soul 261 and for an external instrument.
FULL MIDI: In, Out, Pedals KeyB Only.
USB TO HOST: useful to connect a computer for MIDI and Editing App
POWER CHARGE DEVICE: useful for software update with a Usb Stick. You can power supply Smartphone / Tablet