Legend Live

The Legend Live organ is able to perfectly recreate the sound of tonewheels organs offering you again the “vintage feeling”. With four sets of drawbars and double keyboards, this organ stands apart from all the rest in advanced technology sound, feel and much more affordable pricing. Every aspect of a tonewheel keyboard and sound is so perfectly duplicated that players all over the world are saying “it’s the best ever!

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  • Viscount Legend Live by Keyb provides you the perfect portable organ solution.
  • Premium waterfall keyboards
  • The latest in tone wheel organ modelling technology
  • Easy to play
  • State of the art rotary and amp simulation
  • Two full sets of drawbars per manual
  • Harmonic percussion and key click
  • Effects volume vibrato and chorus
  • Upper and lower realtime controls
  • Half-moon switch
  • 11-pins Leslie® connector
  • Fx send/retrun
  • USB power charger



Available also in a JdF (Joey DeFrancesco) Signature Edition that includes the following features:

  • Black satin colour with Joey’s signature.
  • Organ clones with sound model and related effects (Vibrato, Chorus, Percussion and Rotary Simulator) personally tuned by Joey.
  • The three models were cloned from three tonewheel organs from Joey’s personal collection. These organs were used to record many of his albums and for his live perfomances.
Joey Signature



Keyboard - Upper Keyboard - 61 notes waterfall
- Lower Keyboard - 61 notes waterfall


Technology TMT (Tonewheel Modelling Technology)
Transposer -6 +5 semitones
Fine Tuning +/- ¼ tone
Crosstalk Unique crosstalk created for each tonewheel model
Keyclick A new revolutionary state of the art design
Tonewheel model '30, '50, '70, Alt. 1, Alt. 2, Alt. 3
String Bass On/Off, Decay Control
Harmonic Percussion On/Off, Volume Soft/Normal, Decay Fast/Slow, Harmonic Percussion 2nd / 3rd Percussion Level and Percussion Decay Controls


Vibrato / Chorus Upper On/Off, Lower & Pedal On/Off, Select: V-1, V-2, V-3, C-1, C-2, C-3
Reverb Newly modelled Spring and Hall reverbs
Overdrive Classic, Rock
Rotary simulation type Classic, Rock with Direct option, Memphis mode


Controls - Upper Front Panel: Volume; Reverb; Drive; Keyclick; Tuning; Crosstalk; Rotary; Transpose; Upper pre-sets (1/2); Drawbars set (A/B/MUTE)
- Lower Front Panel: Tone controls; Pedal Sustain, Percussion Decay; Percussion Volume; Pedals to lower; Lower pre-sets (1/2); Drawbars set; (A/B/MUTE); Rotary speed control.
Drawbars - Upper 2 sets of nine drawbars: 16' - 5 1/3' - 8' - 4' - 2 2/3' - 2' - 1 3/5' - 1 1/3' - 1'
Drawbars - Lower 2 sets of nine drawbars: 16' - 5 1/3' - 8' - 4' - 2 2/3' - 2' - 1 3/5' - 1 1/3' - 1'
Drawbars - Upper Preset Upper Drawbar Set A or Set B + 2 pre-sets and Upper MIDI Local on/off
Drawbars - Lower Preset Lower Drawbar Set A or Set B + 2 pre-sets and Lower MIDI Local on/off
Drawbars - Pedals 2 drawbars: 16' & 8'
Midi In, Out, Thru Out 1, Out 2, In, Thru, Pedalboard In
Connections OUTPUT: L & R Line Out 6.35 mm jacks; Pedals Direct Out 6,35 mm jack (without C/V and Rotary emulation); 11 pin Rotary Speaker (without Rotary emulation); 2 Stereo headphone 6,35 mm jacks; TRS Digital Expression Pedal 6,35 mm jack; Rotary emulation Footswitch 6,35 mm jack; USB to HOST; USB HOST type A (Power charger only); FX send.
INPUT: Audio input mono with adjusting gain pot; FX return


Colours and Finishes Satin black, American Alder
Dimensions (WxHxD) 101 x 18 x 59 cm / 40.16' x 7.4' x 23,2'
Weight 18 kg / 39.68 lbs




The VISCOUNT Legend organ designed and engineered in Italy in cooperation with KeyB, provides incredible expressive capabilities in an easy-to-use interface in a perfect portable solution. Legend uses the latest in tonewheel modelling technology allowing exigent musicians to play without compromise the fabulous organ sound.

When you sit down at the Legend, all you have to do is turn it on and play. Everything you need and are familiar with, on a classic tonewheel organ, is there right where it belongs. No confusing menus or LCD screens full of features that you most likely do not or will not use. After all, it is an organ.



If you have been playing a classic tonewheel organ, then you will feel at home with the Legend Live. It has two full sets of 9 drawbars for the upper keyboard, two full sets of 9 drawbars for the lower keyboard and 2 pedal drawbars.

Located right where they belong are the switches to control the On/Off, Soft/Normal volume, Fast /Slow decay, 2nd and 3rd harmonic.

Easy control of Vibrato and Chorus.

Legend Upper Manual Realtime Controls include: Volume; Reverb; Drive; Keyclick; Fine Tuning; Crosstalk; Tone Controls; Pedals Sustain; Percussion (Decay, Volume).
Legend Lower Manual Realtime Controls include: Reverb (Hall/Spring); Drive (Classic, Rock); Tonewheel Model (’30, ’50, ’70); Transpose; Rotary (Classic/Rock); Pedals (To Lower).

You can use vibrato/chorus independently for the upper and lower manuals or together. Use the familiar rotary control to select all three Vibrato and Chorus settings.




Along with the best sound and being easy to play, Legend Live has two heavy-duty 61-note keyboards with the feel of an organ, not a synthesizer or cheap portable keyboard. If you play pedals, then you can purchase the optional 25 full-sized console pedals. The Legend Live pedals are heavy-duty and are same radius as the classic tonewheel organs, which makes playing the pedals feel right.




The VISCOUNT by KeyB Legend Live organ, designed in cooperation with NEWTONE, uses the innovative TMT (Tonewheel  Modelling Technology) able to perfectly clone the classic tonewheel organ. The result is a natural sound that can not be obtained by traditional sampling. Legend reproduces also important characteristics of a tonewheel organ including cross talk, tonewheels flutter, electric hum and octave tapers. Moreover there is also an accurate Rotary Simulation. Maybe you don’t have one or it is not convenient to take a rotary speaker with you. Don’t worry! Legend Simulation is incredibly realistic. It is so good you will have to look twice to see where the rotors are, this is because of the TMT engine.




AUDIO IN/OUT: Legend Live can be connected to either a keyboard amplifier via outputs left / right. Possibly, via 11 pin connection, it can be connected to a Rotary Speaker.

AUDIO PEDALS OUTPUT: Legend Live is the only one with a pedals output dedicated to the sound of the pedalboard, without getting into the channel of Vibrato/Chorus and Rotary Emulation.

FX SEND/ RETURN: Be able to connect your favourite external effect.

ANALOG IN: It allows you to use the effects of an external instrument.

INPUT GAIN: It allows you to control the volume of an external instrument.


EXP: Expression Pedals

ROTARY: To change the speed of the Rotary.

HOLD: Hold control both for Legend Live and for an external instruments.


FULL MIDI: Out 1, Out 2, In, Thru, Pedalboard In.


USB TO HOST: useful to connect a computer for MIDI and software update.

USB POWER CHARGE: You can power supply Smartphone / Tablet.


Viscount Legend Demo

Viscount Legend in concerts

Viscount Legend with Joey DeFrancesco

Viscount Legend in the Shows



All user manuals refer to the latest version of the O.S. The versioning of the manuals follows its own numbering.


O.S. Current Release: 1.9

Release 1.9 supports both standard and JDF signature versions and all Legend, Legend Classic, Legend Live, Legend Solo and Legend Exp models. The program automatically manages the setting of each model and signature


We work to make the software of the Legend more and more performing.
To avoid any update issues, we recommend following these suggestions:

1) Always use the most recent Legend Updater published on the site;
2) Before installing, please read carefully the Legend update guide;
3) If the procedure is not successful, save a screenshot of the updater to be sent to us to understand the situation.

Notice: After the .ZIP file has been downloaded, extract the update LPU file and copy it to the main folder (root) of a USB flash drive.