Legend Soul Editor

Thanks to Legend Soul Editor the user can adjust the sound of the Legend Soul in real time and save in the organ all sound generation parameters and effects.

The software is available for both WindowsMacOs and iOS operating systems and works with all the instruments of the Legend Soul series.

Thanks to Legend Soul Editor you can also create different setups and save them on the computer.


Legend Soul Editor is a compatible Windows, MacOs and iOS application that allows real-time adjustment (changes made are immediately audible when playing on the instrument) and storage of all the sound generation parameters and effects of the Legend Soul series instruments.

Legend Soul Editor comes with a clear and simple user interface, adaptable to any screen resolution. In addition to adjusting and storing the parameters in the instrument, the application also allows you to save them in your own computer, and to reload them if necessary in an easy and fast way.

Specifically, Legend Soul Editor allows you to:

– adjust the signal level of each individual drawbar;

– adjust the volume of the pedalboard and the clicks of the keyboard keys individually by type;

– adjust the parameters of the vibrato and chorus;

– adjust the parameters of the 6 onboard effects (Ring Mod, Overdrive, Phaser/Flanger, Wah,Tremolo, Delay);

– adjust the parameters of the Rotary/Amp effect;

– adjust the parameters of the Reverb effect;

– save all the above parameters to a computer and reload them to the instrument if necessary.




Legend Soul Editor - Overview & Guide