Each module installed in the LEGEND ‘70s piano has its own sound generator specially designed to reproduce its sound set. This arrangement gives a great advantage over the whole instrument polyphony, avoiding the “sound generator processor share” that affects all the competitors sampled pianos  when many sounds are played in at the same time. The […]


The Physis Piano generates sound through a Patented system of mathematical algorithms. This process reproduces with absolute fidelity the dynamics and physical-acoustic phenomena of the piano – giving you the absolute most expressive and authentic playing experience. Taking over 7 years of intense research, the Physis Piano contains six different sound generation algorithms: Acoustic Piano […]


The newly developed ARTEM technology (Advanced Real TEchnology Music), a powerful  sampled sound generator that is capable of faithfully reproducing the authentic sound and performance of a traditional pipe organ. – Advanced, we have advanced our sampling and computation capabilities. – Real, the resulting sound is exactly like a real pipe organ. – Technology, we […]


The new VISCOUNT by KeyB Legend organ, designed in cooperation with NEWTONE, uses the innovative TMT (Tonewheel  Modeling Technology) able to perfectly clone the classic tonewheel organ. The result is a natural sound that can’t be obtained by traditional sampling. Legend reproduces also important characteristics of a tonewheel organ including cross talk, tonewheels flutter, electric hum and […]


Physis technology, is our latest attempt to revolution the classic organ market, showing it’s time to change the old PCM sound generation paradigm. A sampled note will always sound unnatural, no matter how many tricks you use to resemble a real pipe organ. Physis technology, calculates instead, in real-time the physics of a flue, reed […]