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To consult the procedure for reporting offenses here

The reports shall be received

    • by Viscount International S.p.A.’s legal rapresentative
  • by Viscount International S.p.A.’s General Manager Roberto Gambini


Read these directions carefully to report wrongdoing safely and anonymously.

Do not use your company’s network, even Wi-Fi. Your browsing and access to Tor may be monitored.

Download the Tor Browser, the free software that anonymizes your Internet traffic, from the official website at
For Apple iOS tablets or cell phones, the recommended app is Onion Browser – currently available in the App Store.

Always delete documents and photos you attach to your report from your computer or phone.

Never mention your real name or personal information in a report.

If you want to share a photo of the wrongdoing, turn off your phone’s geolocation service so that the photo does not reveal your location.

When you are ready, copy and paste the URL below into your Tor browser’s address bar:

If you really don’t want to or you can’t install Tor, but you still
want to report wrongdoing by mail, even if in a NOT anonymously
, write to