Rotary Editor

Thanks to Rotary Editor the user can adjust operating parameters in real time and store them in memory.

The software is available for both WindowsMacOs and iOS operating systems.

Thanks to Rotary Editor you can also change rotation speeds, transition times, relative levels and much more!


Rotary Editor is a compatible Windows, MacOs and iOS application that allows real-time adjustment and storage of operating parameters. Rotation speeds, transition times, relative levels and much more can be changed by the user to suit their needs.

Rotary Editor comes with a clear and simple user interface, adaptable to any screen resolution. In addition to adjusting and storing the parameters, the application also allows you to save them in your own computer, and to reload them if necessary in an easy and fast way.

ATTENTION: by connecting for the first time the Rotary Editor to the Vortex, not yet updated to version 1.01, you will be asked to update before being able to use the Editor. Update that is carried out via the Editor itself.




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