New and advanced state of the art in the manner of classical organs

The SONUS series is a line of classic organs developed with the exclusive Physis technology, entirely designed and patented by Viscount laboratories. With this approach, based on the physical modeling of the phenomena involved in the sound generation of the pipe organ, we are able to produce an extremely faithful and malleable sound.

Another key feature of the SONUS line is the innovative RAR (Real Audio Rendering) audio system thanks to which Viscount has managed to transfer the magnificence of the acoustics of a large reverberant environment in a compact instrument. Through this performance the performer can experience, in the comfort of his living room or his studio, the same sound experience of a pipe organ placed in a church with excellent acoustics.

Equipped with a rich library of customizable sounds, the SONUS series allows, through each of the available registers, to select hundreds of additional registers present in the internal memory; each feature is adjustable through a control panel, simple to use, equipped with a comfortable and sober backlit display.