A.Piano Module

This Module can be installed on Legend ’70s stage piano.

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The A.PIANO module comprises a collection of acoustic piano sounds: concert grand pianos, grand pianos and upright pianos. This module uses the Viscount HDS (High Definition Sampling) technology. It is an advanced multi-sampling technology that ensures a faithful and authentic reproduction of the original sounds. Eight Acoustic Pianos are directly selectable with the sound selector knob:

Piano 1.     American Grand 9 ft Concert Grand, whose accurate microphonic recording enhances the natural upper harmonics.
Piano 2.     American Stage Grand Piano that is well suited for jazz and pop music performances.
Piano 3.     German Grand Grand Piano for concert. The recording, directly made in a concert hall, makes it particularly suitable for classical music.
Piano 4.     American Studio Grand Piano with an aggressive and sharp tone. Suitable for rock and pop genres. It emerges effortlessly in rhythmic accompaniments.
Piano 5.     Japan Grand 9 ft Concert Grand, taken in auditorium. It adapts to any kind of music
Piano 6.     German Concert 7,35 ft Grand Piano  recorded in a large soundproof room. Suitable for classical music
Piano 7.     Japan Studio 7 ft  Grand Piano recorded in a studio. Its expressive timbre is suitable for playing pop and contemporary music.
Piano 8.     Honky-Tonk Inspired by saloon pianos, perfect for rag time.


Other types of pianos can be activated using the Editor: Piano & Choir, Piano & Strings, Piano & Warmpad, Piano & Resopad, and Piano & Analogpad are piano sounds mixed with various types of sound pads, ideal for accompanying a soloist both vocally and instrumentally. Also available are: Japan Studio,  9 ft Concert Grand with a bright and homogeneous sound throughout its extension. Its balanced tone adapts well to all musical genres.  American Grand, 9 ft Concert Grand with a great tonal presence. Its dynamic goes from a warm and full-bodied tone in the lower register to the incisiveness of the louder registers. It is particularly suitable for jazz and pop genres.

The module also comprises dynamic range and brilliance controls, that adjust the sound in real time, during the performance. Panel controls are further expanded by many other parameters that can be modified through the EDIT PROGRAM menu and through the Legend ‟70s Editor App, free downloadable from this web site.



Technology High Definition Sampling (HDS)
Sounds 8 Acoustic Pianos
Polyphony 128


Controls On/Off, Volume, 8 Piano selector, Dynamic, Brilliance


Dimensions (WxHxD) 17 x 7,5 x 1,5 cm / 6,69' x 2.95' x 0.59'
Weight 0.25 Kg / 0,55 Lbs



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