X:Sub 218 Amp


The X:SIDER series offers an effective and reliable solution for a wide range of professional applications -from medium to large events. The system consists of a sturdy but lightweight trapezoidal satellite which can be paired with a massive 2×18 sub. Both have dedicated digital amplifiers with their own DSP, and can be rack mounted.
X:SUB 218 AMP has been created as a horizontal array system or as a support array, where coverage can be perfectly determined by the number of satellites being used. Thanks to the modularity of X:SUB 218 AMP you can build a system suitable for any situation. For additional horizontal coverage, simply add satellites and to optimize the response at low frequencies, add multiple sub units.

To complete your VERSE system, we have developed and designed all the necessary hardware for hanging and installing the satellites – with an exclusive ultra-fast coupling system; the subwoofer is equipped with a handy removable rack for easy transport.