D:Sider M15

D:Sider M15 is a full-range high performance stage monitor, equipped with VERSE better technology and with a unique coaxial loudspeaker designed to our specifications. We believe that it sets a new standard in the stage and touring sound reinforcement; the very linear curve response, the specially designed angular coverage and the considerable reserve of power make it ideal for live concerts and for every need of monitoring.
And finally the inevitable digital signal processor with remote control and the functions to directly access a phenomenal adaptive antifeedback and two special settings suitable for most usual stage situations, complete the endowment of this extraordinary product.



Type Active Digital Stage Monitor
Power (W) 925
Frequency response 75Hz-18kHz
Max SPL calculated (dB) 127
Crossover Frequency 1100
Subsonic filter Yes
HF Protection PTC
Active Protective Circuitry compressor, overload, short circuit, Thermal
PC Control Yes
Connections powercon AC input, powercon link out, fem xlr in, male xlr link out, Ethercon RS485 input, Ethercon RS485 ouput
Controls Volume, Feedback suppressor, Voice Enhancer, Near Side, User preset
Speakers Coaxial 15" Woofer with compression driver
Nominal Coverage Angle ( Hº X Vº) - 6 dB 40°x60°
Cabinet Birch plywood
Protection Metal grid and foam
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 51 x 37 x 49
Weight Kg 18,5




The D:SIDER M12/M15 monitors are full-range stage monitors of high-performance, compact size, low weight and high sound quality. Thanks to the linear response curve and the specially designed angular coverage, these monitors are ideal for live and an all monitoring situations. The monitors are equipped with a special coaxial speaker, which gives a precise and deep voice and a clear sound to the midrange and accurate high frequencies. They are equipped, as all the  D series with a digital signal processor with remote control and direct access to functions (antifeedback, near side, voice enhancer) for the most common use cases.



Control panel D:SIDER MONITOR M12/15

In addition to the audio connections, the D:sider’s Connector panel  has RS485 sockets to connect to a computer.

You have the following controls:

  • Feedback Remover On /Off (prevents the Larsen effect)
  • Voice Ehnnancer On /Off (this preset emphasizes the frequency response of the vocal range)
  • Near Side On/Off (This control is used when you place the monitors in measuring range)
  • User / Factory Settings (Choosing between the factory settings or personal)

You have the following records:

  • Power On (Displays the operating status of the device)
  • Protection (indicates the operation of the protective device)
  • Temperature (Indicates the entry into operation of the thermal protection)
  • Limiter High (indicates the signal limiting of the acute part)
  • Limiter Low (indicates the signal limiting of the low part)
  • Signal On (Indicates the presence of a music signal)



The D:SIDER and INSIDER MKII lines are equipped with powerful class D Powersoft amplifier modules with switching technology, equipped with a fan with automatic ignition control, only in case of exceeding a pre-set temperature threshold. The pre-amplification stage is digital with crossover filters, equalization, protection for very low frequency signals (low-cut filter), multiband limiter (with protection and anti-clipping functions). Special functions such as anti-feedback and dynamic loudness are also available.