Smart 20

Smart 20 piano is equipped with exclusive S-256 Sound Technology, designed and engineered in Italy, providing incredible expressive capabilities in an easy-to-use interface. This instrument features authentic Grand-Piano style Hammer Action, powerful digital amplification, and the most requested digital piano features comprising intelligent Drum rhythms. The result is an instruments which provides you the true joy of playing piano!

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Viscount SMART 20 provides you the true joy of playing piano! With Fatar TP-100 Graded Hammer Keyboard, it guarantees the real grand piano touch. Its S-256 Piano Sound Engine provides the rich and expressive tone of a fine acoustic Grand Piano. It has a built-in intelligent Drum rhythms that follows your playing and a wide selection of additional sounds like organs, strings and more. Smart 20 offers incredible piano features at an affordable price!



Keyboard Fatar TP 100 - 88 Keys - Grand Hammer Action
Touch Sensitivity Soft, Normal, Hard, Fixed
Keyboard mode Single, Dual, Split, Twin Piano


Technology S-256 Sound Engine
Sounds 34 (16 Panel available + 18 MIDI available)
Polyphony Up to 256 notes (128 Stereo)
Transposer -6,+6 semitones
Fine Tuning 427,2 Hz - 452,6 Hz (adjustable in step di 0.2 Hz)
Drum Kits 3


Reverb Small Room, Medium Hall, Concert Hall, Cathedral
Ac.Piano String Resonance Yes
Ac.Piano Damper Resonance Yes


Arranger / Rhythms 15 Drum rhythms
Recorder 8 Songs, Single track
Demo 62


Controls Power on/off, Main Volume, Tempo +/-, Metronome, Split, Sound select, Play, Rec
Connections Headphone, Audio Out L/R, 3 Pedal group VFP3, Sustain, USB to Host, Power supply


Internal Amplification 30W + 30W stereo, DIGITAL
Speakers 102mm (4 inches) Dual Cone x 2
Power Supply 45W - 24V (100 to 240 VAC to DC Power Adapter)
Included accessories Sustain pedal, Music rest, Power adapter
Colours and Finishes White laminated wood
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 128 x 13,8 x 31,5 / 50,39" x 5,43" x 12,4"
Weight Kg 15,6 / Lbs 34,4




Compact and lightweight body

The SMART 20 Piano has a compact and lightweight body for easy mobility in and out of the home, studio, or classroom. Available in white or black, it offers a nice look that is suitable for every location. For a classic piano setup, the optional SMART STAND and VFP3 three-pedal unit provide an integrated look and full classic piano setup.



Viscount GHA Fatar TP-100 Grand Hammer Action provides authentic grand piano feel

The Grand Hammer Action keyboard is designed to integrate perfectly with SMART 20 sound technology. Each key is meticulously weighted so you experience a fluid and consistent touch across the keyboard. This gives the sense you’re playing a traditional acoustic grand piano keyboard.



S-256 Sound Engine is modern digital engine designed and developed in Italy.

S-256 Sound Engine is an advanced digital engine created by Viscount to give your home, school or stage the authentic sound and feel of the traditional piano. This VISCOUNT technology provides ultimate sound fidelity and professional quality sound effects like Reverb and String Sympathetic Resonance. S-256 Sound Engine captures your precise key movements, allowing ultimate control over all aspects of your piano performance. Most importantly, the S-256 Sound is able to reproduce the highest sound definition, not only of a great concert grand piano, but also many other funs to play instrument sounds like organs, strings and many others. It is even possible to layer two sounds together or play different sounds with each hand, while Twin Piano mode is useful for private lessons, allowing student and teacher to play side by side in the same octave ranges.



A sound system and amplifier specially designed to reproduce clarity and sound definition.

Powerful amplifier and stereo speakers deliver impressive sound. A matched digital amplifier (Class D) provides the maximum efficiency and fidelity to the speakers. The overall effect is a full and rich sound, even from such a compact piano design.



A modern set of connections

The piano has a modern set of connections, so enhancing and connecting your piano to external devices is a breeze. There are standard audio outputs that let you attach external amplification system, while by plugging in headphones, you can get lost in musical journeys day or night without disturbing housemates or neighbours. Using USB host connector you can easily connect your piano to computers, tablets and tons of 3rd party music applications.