Powerful, yet easy to use!

Excellent digital piano in a high-quality black and white polish cabinet, extensive features and great piano sounds. No matter you are a student, piano hobbyist or a professional piano player, Classico is a recommendation for anyone who is looking for a nice and affordable digital piano. Thanks to its versatility, it is able to satisfy different needs such as piano study, music listening, MIDI song production and entertainment demands.


Powerful, yet easy to use!

The Classico Piano is not only the ideal tool for learning and practicing the piano, but it is also an elegant furnishing accessory for your home. Through the FATAR Grand Touch dynamic keyboard with graded hammer and the very natural acoustic piano sound you can express yourself very easily. The digital arranger with accompaniment, the Teaching System function, the split keyboard for teachers and students, make Classico the ideal tool for learning and practicing the piano. In addition, the Classico is enriched by a wide choice of different sounds, a high-quality cabinet, a complete set of connections including USB, SD, Bluetooth and microphone input with built in effect.



Keyboard 88 Keys, Grand Touch Feeling, Grand Hammer Action
Touch Sensitivity Default, Soft, Standard, Hard, Touch off
Keyboard mode Whole, Split, Dual, Double (Grand Piano, Dual voice, Double keyboard, Split mode, Split point)


Technology S-512 Sound Engine
Sounds 128
Polyphony 512 Notes
Transposer +/- 12 Semitones


Vibrato / Chorus 64 Types
Reverb 64 Types
Ac.Piano String Resonance Yes


Arranger / Rhythms 30 Styles
Arranger mode Auto Chord Switch, SYNC Start, SYNC Stop, A/fill 1, B/fill 2, Intro/Ending
Recorder 2 Tracks, replay supported, maximum 22.000 notes for one single song, MIDI, 64 tracks and 16 channels, Support MIDI 0&1 file


Display LCD display
Functions Style, Demo, Voice, Accomp.Vol. -/+, Data/Tempo, Function, Touch, Sound Family, Play, Record, Metronome, Start/Stop, Sync.Start, A/Fill 1, B/Fill 2, Intro/Ending, Dual, Split
Connections 1 Headphone, Audio In L/R, Audio Out L/R, USB to Host, USB to Device, SD Card
Bluetooth MP3 Player
USB to Host MIDI over USB
USB to Device MP3 Player


Internal Amplification 60W (2 x 25W Low Section, 2 x 5W High Section)
Speakers 2 woofer(5"), 2 tweeter(2")
Power Supply AC230V, 70W
Included accessories Power cord, Microphone, USB Android adapter, USB iPhone adapter, Guarantee card, User manual
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 143,4 x 51,2 x 112 - 56,45" x 20,15" x 44,09"
Weight Kg 79 / Lbs 174




Contemporary elegant DESIGN

The Classico Piano has a contemporary elegant design that fits almost any space. Every detail has been meticulously designed to create this Piano that is not only a valuable musical instrument, but is also a beautiful piece of furniture.



Simple, easy-to-use interface

You will find the Classico control panel on the left side of the keyboard, where you have quick and easy access to piano features. The graphic display in combination with the clearly indicated keys makes it possible to call up the numerous functions of the instrument in a simple and intuitive way.



FATAR Grand Touch Hammer Action provides authentic grand piano feel.

The Classico is equipped with the acclaimed FATAR Grand Touch Hammer action. The keys are meticulously weighted so you experience a fluid and consistent touch across the keyboard. This gives the sense you are playing a traditional acoustic grand piano keyboard.



A sound system specially designed to reproduce and diffuse the sound.

When playing a grand piano you experience the psychoacoustics of a typical spread of sound in space. The 4 speakers of the Classico Piano in combination with the rear wooden soundboard are able to reproduce this “three dimensional” perception with acoustic clarity and beauty.



A complete system of connections.

The instrument has a complete set of versatile connections, so enhancing and connecting your piano to external devices is a breeze. There are standard audio inputs and outputs, but also a full set of MIDI, headphones, microphone input with effect and USB to connect a computer easily. Moreover, you can play also your favorite songs from USB pen, SD card or wireless Bluetooth connection.