Outsider 318

The benchmark for those who “ride the gigs” was born: Verse Outsider 318.
The Verse Team revised the “all in one” speaker concept, bringing it to the next level.
The result is an incredible, easy to install, powerful, flexible and smart p.a.system that perfectly fit the acoustic needs of medium sized venues.
Outsider 318: The quality choice for your daily performance.


VERSE OUTSIDER 318 are 3-way completely digital active speakers, from pre-amplification to final power, a complete digital domain characterized by:

  • High performance and power quality
  • Effective power and signal management which is adaptable to any use
  • Ongoing reliability

Directly from audio engineers and the entertainment business, a series of “daily-use” tools help characterize these professional loudspeakers. 

There is a powerful 12-band Anti-Feedback system to handle emergency situations.  A series of processing blocks constantly analyse the vital parameters of the system, guarding against possible anomalies and intervening to protect the circuits of the electro-acoustic components.



controls Volume, Equalizer


Cabinet Birch plywood
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 51,5 x 115 x 54
Weight Kg 66,5