Physis The Editor

Physis-The Editor is an excellent software tool for Physis Organs editing.

It allows the finest finishing and personalization like stop by stop, note by note volume and pitch regulation, stop disposition, internal and external routing, and all you need to make Your Organ “Like No Other”.

Here you can download the latest available release, or a DEMO version of the software package.

Who is interested in purchasing “Physis – The Editor” may request information (costs, how to get it) by sending an email to:

product brochure
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A Physis organ presents exceptional capabilities on its own, making it a unique organ and a good choice for any organist, any church and any studio. But to obtain the best from your organ, Viscount created “Physis – The Editor”.
The Editor, is the only application software able to provide the finest instrument tuning and voicing, from every voice parameter, to the organ overall settings and routing. The Editor is easy-to-use, it is lightweight, runs on every PC and laptop satisfying very low system requirements, allowing, e.g. to record your organ performance in the meanwhile.
The Editor gives access to four different panels:
— Parameters Edit: editing of voice settings, including physical model parameters, windchest, etc.
— Level and Pitch Edit: provides fine editing of level and pitch of any note for any voice, and enables you to save your pre-sets to file.
— Voices Map: provides an intuitive view of all the voices loaded into your organ, and enables to move, load, swap, select, activate and deactivate them.
— Setup: provides editing of organ parameters such as Reverb, Output Routing, Tremulants setup, Equalizing, etc.