Each module installed in the LEGEND ‘70s piano has its own sound generator specially designed to reproduce its sound set. This arrangement gives a great advantage over the whole instrument polyphony, avoiding the “sound generator processor share” that affects all the competitors sampled pianos  when many sounds are played in at the same time.

The ACOUSTIC PIANO and SOUND COLLECTION modules are powered by HDS (High Definition Sampling) technology characterized by the detailed sampling of acoustic instruments and the ability to reproduce the entire dynamic range of each instrument.

The ELECTRIC PIANO and CLAVI modules are powered by Viscount’s patented Physical Modeling (PM) technology which, through complex mathematical algorithms, is able to reproduce with absolute fidelity the dynamic and physical-acoustic phenomena of the electric piano, giving you the most expressive and authentic performing experience ever. Experienced musicians know very well that almost all pianos on the market, using the sampling technology, suffers from the “Slicing Problem”, because, for specific groups of keys and dynamic range, they use the same sample! This approximation causes an annoying timbre discontinuity. Viscount PM technology does not have this problem at all, since, for each key and dynamic level, the sound is perfectly calculated through the precise mathematical model of the real instrument.