New Legend ’70s Piano release 1.09

From now it is available the new Legend ‘70s Piano release 1.09!

You can easily download it following this link: Downloads – Legend 70s

The RELEASE 1.09 includes:

  • A new option has been added that allows you to choose whether the values of the continuous pedals and modulations must be reset at the program change or kept also for the new program (previously they were reset). (see PREFERENCES -> FC1 Mode, FC2 Mode, MOD. Mode)
  • All parameters of the Synth module are now controllable via MIDI using Control Change, in MultiChannels mode. See the table in the appendix of the Synth-8 module manual for details of the Control Changes used
  • Introduced the reception and transmission of the Fine Tuning MIDI SysEx – Bug Fix: in case of program change with pedal switch pressed, switching from a program with the EXT part enabled to a program with the EXT part disabled, the switches off were not transmitted

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