Legend Release 1.9

🎶Sound improvements:
-Rotary simulator;
-Vibrato/Chorus simulator;
-Revision of the Loudness effect simulation of the Expression Pedal;
🆕New features:
-On the Legend SOLO, the “Pedal Sustain” control has been introduced through the use of a double function of the “Percussion Volume” potentiometer.
âś…Bug Fixed:
– The set value of the “Tone Control” parameter is not saved with the “Save Panel” function;
-“Spring” reverb set in “Pre” mode is not saved correctly with the “Save Panel” function;
-Incorrect operation of the Sustain Pedal received from MIDI if the same note is played from MIDI and from the keyboard;
-In some circumstances and with specific clones, some clicks can be heard;
-The Analog In signal, in Post FX mode, is not sent on the 11 pin connector.
➡Click here and follow this Update Guide to download and install the new release: Legend-Update-Guide-EN-IT-v12.pdf (viscountinstruments.com)

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