Introduction Domus 4 & S4

Viscount proudly announce the release of the new Domus 4/S4 with the innovative Physis Plus technology.

With its 32 stops (+ 3 orchestral) and double expression pedal, the Domus 4 / S4 integrates important new features in terms of functionality and Editor. Equipped with the Viscount digital amplifier, it also ensures maximum efficiency and savings in terms of electricity and CO2 emitted. Domus 4 / S4, like all the organs of the Domus line, incorporates the amplification system with two woofers with the possibility of audio management via editor that guarantee a very satisfying sound experience. In the notes issued, you will hear details of the organ pipe sound that, together with the many additional voices, give the maximum in terms of sound and flexibility, all at a competitive price.