Viscount Hyibrid Organ Service

Our company has been building musical instruments for over 100 years. Over these years we have become increasingly specialized in church organs. Actually we have all the facilities to design and build beautiful and powerful church organs. Our technology in this field is one of the most advanced throughout the world.

Our R&D department is made up of passionate engineers and musicians, some of whom have become specialized in designing and building Hybrid Organs. We have the knowledge, experience and ability to build any combination of Hybrid Organs, therefore do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your needs, we will find a solution for you!

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When we install our technology in a church with an existing pipe organ, it is an extraordinary and fascinating opportunity since we are able to create a new musical instrument with immense potential of expressiveness. In fact we can have both, the authentic sound emitted by speaking pipes and the wonderful sounds produced by our organs.

We can offer exclusive Physis sound generation technology that, thanks to its flexibility and degree of realism, is the best to work alongside a traditional pipe organ. The difference between a “digital” sound and the speaking pipes sound becomes extremely subtle.

The advantages of this solution are numerous:

• By combining the pipe stops with the ones on our organs it is possible to obtain a complete instrument that can accomplish any kind of music literature and style.
• It is possible to use the internal sequencer of the organ and then play any recorded music in MIDI file format.
• It is possible to control the console from a remote control.
• It is possible to hear the sound generated by our organ through headphones, and practicing without disturbing other church functions.
• It is possible to improve the acoustic response of the church by using a proper array of our speakers especially designed for this purpose.
• It is possible to connect the audio AUX-IN of the organ to external devices like a CD player, Computer, or Mobile Phone and thus use the amplification system to reproduce music generated by those devices.