Physis Plus The Editor

Physis Plus The Editor is a smart editing tool for classic Viscount Physis Plus organs.  It allows you to edit, adjust and design your personal Viscount organ and provides many functions for organ voicing, routing and customizations.


In addition to this, it allows you to modify parameters that are not present in the instrument.
Physis Plus The Editor comes with a clear and simple user interface, adaptable to any screen resolution.

In particular Physis Plus The Editor allows you to do:
– Pilot organ stops and voices
– Select/Load/Remove alternative voices
– Instrument stop-by-stop voicing and fine tuning
– Consolle and organ setup
– Output routing and customization
– Load specific files to the Organ
– Setup pitch intonation, temperaments, tracker touch, reverb parameters and type (and many others!!)

How it works:

– Connect your device to the Physis Plus organ via USB cable and the Camera Connection Kit.
– Press the [LINK] button in the app to connect to the instrument.
– Select the desired environment from the top bar by pressing the menu buttons.



Physis Plus The Editor - Overview & Guide