Legend ‘70s Editor

Legend ’70s Editor is a free software that makes programming all the parameters of the instrument easier and faster. It allows the most demanding users to modify parameters that are not available on the instrument, thus obtaining the fine adjustment of the sounds and effects. It is also possible to save your settings and reload them whenever you want. Moreover, it provides dedicated settings for live performance.

The software is available for both WindowsMacOs and iOS operating systems and works with all the models of Legend ’70s series.


Legend ‘70s Editor is a compatible Windows, MacOs and iOS application specifically designed to modify all the parameters of the instrument easily and quickly. It greatly expands the editing experience by displaying the parameters in dedicated screens immediately accessible with a click. Moreover, it allows to customize the sounds of the instrument with fine adjustments that are not available from the control panel.


Legend ‘70s Editor is very powerful, but also extremely easy to use. Once connected through the USB cable, every modification made on the computer can be heard in real time on the piano. It comes with a clear and simple user interface, adaptable to any screen resolution. In addition to adjusting and storing the parameters in the instrument, the application allows you to save them in your own computer, and to reload them if necessary in an easy and fast way.


Specifically, Legend ’70s Editor allows you to:

– Edit all parameters of the program;

– Edit parameters of each module;

– Edit parameters of the reverb and the effects;

– Edit and arrange the list of the songs;

– Edit all system parameters;

– Adjust physical modelling parameters of E.Piano, Clavi and A.Piano modules;

– Save and load programs and settings of the instrument;

– Prepare live sets of ready-to-select programs;

– Give your best during your live performance.




CPU: Pentium class III or higher

RAM: 32 MB

Hard Disk: 20 MB free space

Operating System: Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit), Windows 10, Mac OS X ver. Lion 10.7 or later, iOS ver. 9.2 or later.

Ports: a standard USB port

Connection: A type A-B USB cable not longer than 3 meters




Model: Legend ’70s Compact, Legend ’70s Artist, Legend ’70s Artist-W

Software Release: 1.03 or higher