Hymmersive 372

Viscount Hymmersive 372 organ console has been conceived with a revolutionary new design able to offer the organist a beautiful, flexible and reliable hardware solution for the computer-based organ program ‘problem’. The organ console reproduces the sounds by means of any Hauptwerk computer program loaded by the customer with the desired samples sets. The unique reconfigurable Stop-tab with OLED, plus the proper computer hardware inside, the instrument becomes another rich with the deep Viscount experience. The user can also choose a wide range of accessories verified and tested to perfectly enhance the Hymmersive 372 console.

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HYMNS take on a particular charm when played inside the great cathedrals due to their unique acoustical environments. HYMMERSIVE organ by Viscount can reproduce these sonorities with extreme realism offering to the organist an opportunity to enjoy a deep engaging experience while being totally IMMERSED in their own music.



Tecnology H2T
Computer Processor: Intel i5; Memory:16 Gbyte ; HD: SSD, 256Gbyte (specifications can be changed under request)
Manuals 3 x 61 keys "Tracker Touch" keyboards, with velocity control for MIDI and Orchestra sections
Stop Controls OLed Tabs


Organ Stops 72 Freely assignable to any register or control of any section.


General Pistons 10
Total General Memories 1000: 10*100 Banks


ON/OFF switch Switch


Line Outputs 6


MIDI Interface In/Out/Thru. Programmable
Stereo Headphone Output yes
USB for Pen Drive 1 for Pen Drive (front)
1 for Hauptwerk key (rear)


Music Rack Wooden
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 154 x 139,5 x 66 - 60,6" x 54,9" x 26"
Colours and Finishes Light oak simulated wood
Weight Kg 96,8 / Lbs 213,4




The OLED Stop-tabs, pistons and display provide effective control over the entire instrument.

The HYMMERSIVE console is characterized by unique new Stop-tabs, each of them is equipped with 96×64 color high quality OLED displays. 72 Stop-tabs are reprogrammable by the computer, in order to fully represent the register disposition of the organ running Under the Hauptwerk computer program. The system display is conveniently located on the right side of the instrument with its own set of easy-to-use controls. There are plenty of pistons (expandable under request) available for both divisional and general memories which are carefully positioned on the instrument to allow a wide range of possibilities and personalization, all at your fingertips.



High-Quality Tracker Action Keyboards

The HYMMERSIVE 372 is equipped with 3 x 61 notes “Tracker Action” keyboards. We understand the importance of having the right feel to the organ keyboard so we’ve taken the utmost care in using the very best components. The feel of the keys conveys the touch of a true Tracker Action. When using MIDI and Orchestral sounds, the keys instantly become touch sensitive and give you the ability to be the expressive musician you are. For the more discerning player, the HYMMERSIVE 372 is available with optional wooden keyboards or the exceptional AWK keyboard.



Powered by H2T (Hymmersive Hauptwerk Technology)

The HYMMERSIVE Organ uses a perfectly matched combination of a proprietary HYMMERSIVE hardware interface and properly configured computer to optimally work with the well-known HAUPTWERK sampled based program for organ sound generation.

The HYMMERSIVE hardware structure has been designed by Viscount in Italy to be perfectly interfaced with the computer running the Hauptwerk program, allowing the organ system to be fully reprogrammed according to the organ loaded in the computer. Inside the organ there is a powerful computer (upgradable under request) based on Intel i5, with Memory of 16 Gbyte, HD-SSD with 256 Gbytes, all while running windows operating system. This computer is arranged in order to be loaded by authorized dealers with Hauptwerk program (not comprised) and desired organ sounds (not comprised).

The resulting system is much more stable than a common computer environment because the hardware is properly configured and software specifically installed by an expert only.



Extensive Connections

An extensive selection of external connections is smartly and conveniently located on the rear of the instrument. In addition to the standard MIDI In-Out-Thru, one stereo input with gain and three stereo outputs with ground lift, there is also USB to be used for Hauptwerk license key. Moreover, there is also an Ethernet interface useful to setup the instrument by using an external computer. The power on/off switch, Master volume, headphone jack, USB host pen drive for saving-uploading settings, and MIDI song recording and playback, are all conveniently located on the front of the organ.

Audio outputs are available to connect the needed external amplification, should this organ be installed in a church, or to give an even more pipe-like experience in the home. The HYMMERSIVE 372 includes a headphone jack should you ever need to play in total silence.