D:SP Interface Kit with D:SP Editor

In addition to the DSP functionalities, directly accessible on the speaker, it is possible to control in a broader way the speaker of the D:SIDER and D:SUB series using an RS485 remote control interface and a personal computer. An optional USB-485 interface (D:SP INTERFACE) and a personal computer software (D:SP EDITOR) are available to the purpose. In this way it is possible to control a large number of parameters within the signal processing and to monitor in real time important aspects of the speakers functioning.
With a single USB-485 it is possible to connect in daisy chain up to 127 different speakers.


We live in a universe of sounds. Sounds to be captured and reproduced, which can just accompany our life, but can also be exalting and exciting. We were convinced we could reproduce this universe of sound in a new way – which is why we created Verse. Advanced manufacturing technologies for amplifiers and loudspeakers, combined with a full digital control from the input socket up to the loudspeaker coil, made us decide to accept this challenge. In fact, Verse is total sound purity, giving results whose quality is unrivalled in such small dimensions. Verse systems are built to astonish for their incredible quality and, thanks to their compactness and light weight, can always fit in alongside you anywhere. Follow us in our new venture and make it yours, re-discovering your universe of sounds.



PC Control Yes: Yes
Feedback Remover Yes: Yes




D:SP Interface

The D:SP Interface is a USB-RS485 interface, needed to connect your personal computer or laptop to the VERSE D:SIDER network to achieve full control over your D:SIDER system.

D:SP Editor

The D:SP Editor is a useful system set-up application that allows you to control, configure and access the functions of your VERSE D:SIDER and D:SUB speakers using a computer. Without leaving your mix position, the D:SP Editor gives you the ability to monitor speakers status, modify system settings, and configure advanced features which are not available from the control panel of the speakers, unveiling the high flexibility and power of the VERSE D:SIDER and D:SUB speakers.