D:SP Editor

To easily customize every parameter of your loudspeakers a PC editor program is available. This allows the editing of equalizers and parameters, but also displaying levels and checking the status and “health” of every single loudspeaker connected to this network, showing real time temperature, signal overloads, limiter activities and other status information of the loudspeakers.


D:SP EDITOR – (For models with RS-485 connection)
Allows you to connect the speakers to a computer using an RS-485 interface – allowing you to change EQ and other parameters. You can also view levels and check the status and the “health” of each speaker.



Feedback Remover An optional USB-485 interface (D:SP INTERFACE) is available to the purpose of making up the network. With a single USB-485 it is possible to connect in daisy chain up to 127 different speakers.
Equalizer Full Parametric 6 bands - Boost/Cut = +/- 12 dB - Q factor = 0.4/20
Noise Dynamic - Mode = Soft/Normal/Hard
MultiComp 3-band Multiband Compressor - Mode = Soft (1:2)/Normal(1:6)/Hard(1:20) - Threshold = 0/-12dB
Delay Delay line up to 250 meters (720 ms)
Volume Adjust the incoming signal level in the range -48/0db
Metro Double LED scale used to monitor the signal level on high and low frequencies
Mode Solo, Mute, Link, Group
State ID, Name, Model, Group, Solo, Mute, Temp, Prot, Status