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X:Sider 15

With the X:SIDER series Verse Team enters definitely all sectors of the professional audio setup to medium and large sized.
X:SIDER 15 is the satellite of the X:SIDER system. It is designed to realize an horizontal array or a supported array, where horizontal coverage is determined precisely by the number of satellites used.
Suspension with exclusive ultrafast locking-system are provided; with optional rigging accessories two or three satellites can be rigged to provide an horizontal coverage of 76° or 116°.
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The X: SIDER series offers an effective and reliable solution for a wide range of professional applications -from medium to large events. The system consists of a sturdy but lightweight trapezoidal satellite which can be paired with a massive 2x18 sub. Both have dedicated digital amplifiers with their own DSP, and can be rack mounted.

X:SIDER has been created as a horizontal array system or as a support array , where coverage can be perfectly determined by the number of satellites being used. Thanks to the modularity of X: SIDER you can build a system suitable for any situation. For additional horizontal coverage, simply add satellites and to optimize the response at low frequencies, add multiple sub units.


The amplifiers are equipped with a remote control interface so you can keep the whole system under control at all times - making corrections to the acoustics as the event may require.

To complete your VERSE system, we’ve developed and designed all the necessary hardware for hanging and installing the satellites - with an exclusive ultra-fast coupling system; the subwoofer is equipped with a handy removable rack for easy transport.



Type Satellite
Frequency Range 53Hz - 20Khz
Max SPL (Medium value calculated) 128dB (cont.), 134dB (peak)
Dispersion Angle 60°x40° (1 enclosure), 60°x76° (2 enclosures), 60°x116° (3 enclosures)
Nominal Diameter 15"
Sensibilità (1W/1m) 98 dB
Impedance 8 Ohm
Continuous Power Handling 1600 Watt
Magnet neodymium
Voice Coil 4" aluminium
Former glass fibre
Throat Diameter 1.5"
Sensibility 108 dB
Impedance 16 Ohm
Magnet ceramic
Voice Coil 3" aluminium
Diaphragm titanium
Protection HP filter 6 dB/oct, PTC
Cabinet Features 18 mm laminated birch plywood
Metal Protection metal grid
Dimensions (WxHxD) 460 x 410 x 700 x mm - 18.11" x 16.14" x 27.55"
Colours / Finishes Light oak simulated wood
Flying System built in suspension system
Weight Kg 35 / Lbs 77,16
Connections 1 Neutrik Speakon NL4MP: 1+ Low+, 1- Low-, 2+ High+, 2- High-




VERSE X:SIDER: a sound system solution for those requiring power, quality and flexibility for medium and large spaces.

Power, extreme configurability, robustness, care in construction and reliability are the guidelines behind this project.

X:SIDER has been designed to work like a horizontal Array. The system provides a wide-angle sound dispersion and its speakers, subwoofer and satellites, are passive to conserve weight so they’re easier to transport and install. To ensure ultimate strength and durability, the X;SIDER uses the best materials available on the market.

Thanks to the convenient attachment options, it’s extremely easy to assemble and disassemble the X:SIDER system. 


The subwoofer is equipped with quick-fit cart. The heart of the system consists of a digital processor with proprietary technology that allows you to calibrate and optimize the acoustic response. The power amplifiers have the highest quality circuitry which which gives them greater efficiency and extreme robustness.