Viscount International: the Art of Sound!


Whether it’s instrumental, vocals or spoken word: every expressive act demands attention and quality. VERSE is made up of a team of audio engineers and music specialists with years of combined experience working on some of the world’s most demanding audio projects. Out of this vast experience a research project was born - based on an innovative approach for sound diffusion. The sound produced is intertwined with speaker construction : therefore every detail has been scrutinized and optimized - from the woodwork to the filters, to the type of amplifier and the electroacoustics. Some of the core attributes in a fast-changing world include flexibility, durability and safety. At the core is a powerful signal processing system based on real-time algorithms: totally controllable, super stable, and easy-to-use.  You have complete control of the signal along the entire processing path – giving precise sound programming based on your needs and desires.


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