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Outsider 318

The benchmark for those who "ride the gigs" was born: Verse Outsider 318.
The Verse Team revised the "all in one" speaker concept, bringing it to the next level.
The result is an incredible, easy to install, powerful, flexible and smart p.a.system that perfectly fit the acoustic needs of medium sized venues.
Outsider 318: The quality choice for your daily performance.
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VERSE OUTSIDER 318 are 3-way completely digital active speakers, from pre-amplification to final power, a complete digital domain characterized by:

  • High performance and power quality
  • Effective power and signal management which is adapatable to any use
  • Ongoing reliability

Directly from audio engineers and the entertainment business, a series of “daily-use” tools help characterize these professional loudspeakers. 

There’s a powerful 12-band Anti-Feedback system to handle emergency situations.  A series of processing blocks constantly analyze the vital parameters of the system, guarding against possible anomalies and intervening to protect the circuits of the electro-acoustic components.



Type All in One
System 3 way active Loudspeaker "ALL IN ONE"
Bass section woofer 18” neodymium magnet, 4,5" voice coil
Mid Section low freq. driver 12” neodymium magnet, 3" voice coil
High section compression driver, ceramic magnet, 1" throat, 1.7” voice coil
Horn Dispersion 100°x60°
Power bass section (Rms @ 1 % Thd) 2400W (3600W peak)
Power mid section (Rms @ 1 % Thd) 700W (1300W peak)
Power high section (Rms @ 1 % Thd) 200W (370W peak)
Damping Factor > 1000 (1 Khz and below)
Power Supply Voltage 85 - 268 V
Protective Circuitry input limiter, subsonic filter, under & over voltage protection, intelligent main fuse protection, powerstage overload protection, temperature protection of transformers and heat-sinks, PTC driver protection
Frequency response 32 Hz - 18 kHz
Input Sensitivity 0 dbU
Nominal Impedance input bal. 15 Kohm
Max SPL (Calculated) 136 dB (average, on floor), 139 dB (peak)
_____PREAMPLIFICATION digital, 48 kHz sampling, 24 bit covertion, 48 bit processing
Cross-Over 140Hz - 1900Hz
Internal Processing DSP (con 3 preset)
Cabinet Features 21 mm (front) and 18 mm (other sides) laminated birch plywood with black scratch resistant paint finish
Protection metal grid and foam
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 515 x 1150 x 540 - 20.27" x 45.27" x 21.25"
Colours / Finishes Black painted
Weight Kg 66,5 - Kg 76,5 con carrello / Lbs 146,60 - Lbs 168,65 with trolley
Trolley removable rear dolly with casters
Gain -inf. - 0db
Power AC switch
Ambience regulation with 3 switches
Led Indicators Power On, Signal On, Limiter, Temperature, Protection
Nominal Diameter 18"
Feedback Remover No
PC Control No




Verse’s team has revisited the concept of  the “All in one” speaker - taking it to the highest level with the creation of the 318 OUTSIDER speaker..

The amazing result is a speaker which is easy to install, powerful, flexible, and appropriate for all types of situations – from the small to medium size event.

Choose ultimate performance !



Control panel OUTSIDER 318 

In addition to the audio connections, the OUTSIDER 318’s control panel has RS485 sockets for connection to a computer.

You have the following controls:  

  • Hi cut -3dB

              (Reduces the efficiency of the high frequencies applying a cut of 3dB)

  • Mid cut -3dB

              (Reduces the efficiency of the medium frequencies by applying a cut of 3dB)

  • Lo cut -3dB

              (Reduces the efficiency of the low frequencies applying a cut of 3dB)

  • High Pass Filter On/ Off (Edit the cut to the frequencies for the use of the speaker associated with a Sub)


You have the following displays:

  • Power On (Displays the operating status of the device)
  • Protection (indicates the operation of the protective device)
  • Temperature (Indicates the entry into operation of the thermal protection)
  • Comp. (indicates the limitation of the signal, when the input voltage on the components of the speaker exceeds the required threshold, limiting the output of the preamplifier)
  • Limiter Low (indicates the signal limiting of the low part)
  • Signal On (Indicates the presence of a music signal)