Viscount International: the Art of Sound!

Our Future

Viscount International SpA represents a unique example of engineering and production center in Europe. But its uniqueness does not only rely on fruitful technological improvement, but also on values and goals, pursued since a century by the Galanti family and its employees.

The keys to our challenge:
- Steady development of DSP algorithms
- Technological innovation
- Integration of proprietary and open-source solutions
- Independent working groups
- Care for the musician's need
- Our future

Stady development of DSP algorithms
Our expertise in the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) field goes far beyond the basic academic knowledge. In the decades we developed on our own, and in coordination to highly acclaimed university research centers, innovative tools and solutions, supported by strong theoretical bases, because scientific progress ought not be an erratic process but has to be guided by wisdom.

Our DSP algorithms cover a wide range of solutions: from realistic piano rendering to accurate reverb and delay effects, from tone wheel organ emulation to spatialization effects, from efficient, phase-linear digital filtering to fast and precise on-stage anti-feedback techniques. All these algorithms serve a wide selection of use: from the latest Pro Audio VERSE speakers to the ever-acclaimed classic organs.

Technological innovation
When others rely on common technologies, tested and widely used, with well-known limits, we dare take the risk of the change, and we experiment new techniques, which are, afterwards, replicated by others and become soon a state-of-the-art. Since the first Galanti accordions to the latest physical modeling technique, spacing through pianos, master keyboards, and Pro Audio equipment, we released new solutions for the music. 

Integration of proprietary and open-source solution
Decades ago every company had its pool of technicians and engineers who had the task of designing an instrument entirely on their own. In the meanwhile world has changed. Nowadays universities and companies collaborate for a common vision, the private and the public domain merge together for a richer selection of alternatives. The open-source movement is ever-increasing and is proposing a new way to design digital tools and instruments. We embrace the open-source challenge, developing it further and sharing our contribution to it.

Independent working groups
In the ancient times, Rome was governed by two independent consuls to ensure fair rule and mutual control. Our production, development and working groups are independent - so they can follow different paths - but at the same time responsible of one another work, in order to ensure the best from everyone of our employees. Our personnel is motivated and work in a friendly environment, and everyone knows each other as in a big family.

Care for the musician's need
A musical instrument shouldn't be crafted to boast exaggerate technological innovations. A musical instruments is mainly meant to be played. We care for our customers' need, and our musicians are always in contact with musicians and technicians. Their task is to strike a perfect balance between the real needs of a musician and the best technology to fit them. Furthermore, ergonomics and care for woodwork and touch are taken into high account to provide instruments to satisfy every player and make him rejoice in his everyday occupation: music.

Our future
Future is unknown to all of us, but we have a dream we pursue since a century, and we strive to reach our goals daily and steadily. Our company does not yield profit but instruments. Our values guide us in this daily challenge to realize the best instruments for the musicians of today and tomorrow.