Vivace 90

Same model as Vivace 90 Deluxe in a different finishing.
All details in the Vivace Organs reflect the highest standard of Italian craftsmanship.
The Vivace 90 has note keyboards with Tracker Touch system.
Thanks to the outstanding style flexibility, Vivace Organs can be played with up to 170 voices and all controls are easily accessible via the graphic display menus.
Toe pistons are available for maximum flexibility. The cabinet is available in dark or light oak color. The vivace 90 is equipped with a 32 Notes pedalboard.

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The VIVACE 90 has an elegant, modern design yet fits perfectly into almost any environment.
The instrument is equipped with 3 “Tracker Action” style keyboards and a complete set of pedals. It features more than 46 registers, a library of 170 unique voices, and 8 different styles – all selectable in the handy graphic display. The musician has a wide selection of magnificent organ and orchestral voices with which to create countless combinations; these can then be stored in the 48 internal memories and easily recalled as needed.

The VIVACE 90 uses proprietary sound technology specifically designed by Viscount in Italy to faithfully reproduce the authentic sound and performance of the traditional organ – including the acoustic effects and reflection characteristics of a small church all the way up to a large cathedral.



Manuals 3 x 61 keys "Tracker Action" keyboards, with velocity control for MIDI and Orchestra sections
Pedalboard 32 keys straight, straight concave or radiating concave AGO
Stop Controls Tilt Tabs
Internal Amplification 3 Channels, 5 Speakers, 210 W Total (3 x 70 Watt)
Expression Pedals 2
Crescendo Pedal Yes


Organ Stops 42
Pedal 10
Great 11
Swell 13
Choir 8
Couplers 6
Tremulants 3, Programmable with independent Depth and Speed for each Organ Division
Total Organ Voices 170
Total Orchestral Voices 31
Orchestral Voices Stops 4
Styles 4 Preset + 4 User
Temperaments 6
Ensemble Adjustable


General Pistons 6
Total General Memories 48: 6*8 Banks
Divisional Pistons 24: 6 for each Organ Division
Piston Sequencer Previous, Next
Return to Handset Registration Individual HR for General and Divisional Pistons
Tutti Programmable


Transposer -6/+5 semitones
Automatic Pedal Yes
Enclosed Yes
Midi Trasmission Enable Yes, Independent for each Organ Section activable with thumb piston
Toe Pistons 9
Reverb 8 different venues emulator
Internal Amp EQ 5 bands digital Graphic EQ
Keyboard Inversion Yes
Demo Songs yes
ON/OFF switch Switch


Line Outputs 4
Output Volume Control Adjustable, for each output
Voices Output Routing Programmable for each organ section
Output EQ 5 bands digital Graphic EQ


MIDI Interface In, Out
Stereo Headphone Output yes
Stereo Aux Input yes


Cabinet Wooden Moldings
Music Rack Wooden
Rolltop Wooden with Key lock
Bench With Music Storage shelf
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 143 x 124 x 106 - 56,29" x 48,81" x 41,73"
Dimensions without pedalboard (WxHxD) cm 143 x 124 x 69 - 56.29" x 48.81" x 27.16"
Colours and Finishes Dark oak simulated wood
Weight Kg 146 / Lbs 321,8




Buttons, knobs and a graphic display give you complete control of the instrument.

The register on/off buttons, knobs and all other controls are ergonomically arranged to respond quickly and accurately to the demands of the player.
A side-located graphic display has an understated presence that is well integrated with the instrument – providing unlimited possibilities for customization and control.



A “Tracker Action” style keyboard with exceptional tactile response.

Knowing the importance of the classic-organ keyboard, we’ve taken the utmost care in selecting the absolute best components. The mechanics of the keys gives the impression of a true “Tracker Action”, by obtaining the speed of actuation of the keys – making it possible to feel the “Tracker Touch” effect. i.e. the correlation between the “touch” of the organist and the transient attack of each virtual pipe. The result is a comfortable and consistent feeling sure to satisfy the organ purist.



The entire VIVACE line uses proprietary sound technology specifically designed by Viscount in Italy to faithfully reproduce the authentic sound and performance of the traditional organ – including the acoustic effects and reflection characteristics of a small church all the way up to a large cathedral.
These organs faithfully reproduce the sound and expression of a traditional pipe organ.These organs have been selected for use in some of the most prestigious and demanding installations with special pipes prepared for this purpose.



A Flexible and Faithful Amplification System.

Built inside is a powerful and balanced sound system which reproduces high-fidelity sound – while allowing you the opportunity to equalize and modify the output according to your own taste. Sound can also be modified depending on the characteristics of the environment where the instrument is placed.



2 Expression Pedals and Crescendo pedal

2 expression pedals provide a fluid and precise movement – allowing complete control of the volume for Manual I, the volume for Manual III, and the CRESCENDO – programmable up to 16 levels.




Untersatz 32′

Prinzipal 16′

Subbass 16′

Gedackt 16′

Oktave 8′

Bourdon 8′

Choral Bass 4′

Contra Fagott 32′

Posaune 16′

Trompete 8′

Coupler I/P

Coupler II/P

Coupler III/P

Manual I

Geigen Prinzipal 8′

Quintadena 8′

Offenflöte 4′

Klein Oktave 2′

Sesquialtera II

Mixtur IV

Trompete 8′

Krummhorn 8′


Coupler III/I

Manual II

Bourdon 16′

Prinzipal 8′

Salicional 8′

Gedackt 8′

Prestant 4′

Spitzflöte 4′

Superoktave 2′

Kornett IV

Mixture V

Fagott 16′

Trompete 8′


Coupler III/II

Coupler I/II

Manual III

Rohrgedackt 8′

Viola di Gamba 8′

Schwebung 8′

Prinzipal 4′

Rohrflöte 4′

Nassat 2 2/3′

Flöte 2′

Terz 1 3/5′

Sharf III

Trompete 8′

Oboe 8′

Regal 8′

Klarine 4′


Coupler III/II

Coupler I/II


Pedal: Cello

Manual I: Piano

Manual II: Strings

Manual III: Chimes

Vivace/Vivace 90-90DLX EU – Disposition.pd



Contrebasse 32′

Principal 16′

Soubasse 16′

Bourdon 16′

Basse 8′

Bourdon 8′

Prestant 4′

Contre Bombarde 32′

Bombarde 16′

Trompette 8′

Coupler I/P

Coupler II/P

Coupler III/P


Principal 8′

Quintaton 8′

Flûte 4′

Oktave 2′

Sesquialtera II rgs

Mixtur IV rgs

Trompette 8′

Cromorne 8′


Coupler III/I

Grand Orgue

Bourdon 16′

Montre 8′

Salicional 8′

Bourdon 8′

Prestant 4′

Flûte a fuseau 4′

Doublette 2′

Cornett IV rgs

Fourniture V rgs

Trompette 16′

Trompette 8′


Coupler III/II

Coupler I/II


Flûte à cheminée 8′

Viole de Gambe 8′

Voix céleste 8′

Principal 4′

Flûte 4′

Nasard 2 2/3′

Flûte 2′

Tierce 1 3/5′

Cymbale III rgs

Trompette 8′

Hautbois 8′

Régale 8′

Clairon 4′


Coupler III/II

Coupler I/II


Pedale: Cello

Positif: Piano

Grand Orgue: Cordes

Recit: Carillon

Vivace 90-90DLX FR – Disposition.pdf



Contra Violon 32′

Prestant 16′

Subbas 16′

Gedekt 16′

Octaaf 8′

Bourdon 8′

Koraalbas 4′

Contra Fagot 32′

Bazuin 16′

Trompet 8′

Koppel Pos/Ped

Koppel Hw/Ped

Koppel Zw/Ped


Prestant 8′

Quintadeen 8′

Openfluit 4′

Octaaf 2′

Sesquialtera II

Mixtuur IV

Trompet 8′

Kromhoorn 8′



Bourdon 16

Prestant 8

Salicionaal 8′

Gedekt 8′

Prestant 4′

Spitsfluit 4′

Superoctaaf 2′

Cornet IV

Mixtuur IV

Fagott 16′

Trompet 8′


Koppel Zw/Hw

Koppel Pos/Hw


Roergedekt 8′

Viola di Gamba 8

Fluit Douce 8′

Salicional 8′

Viola di Gamba 8′

Vox Celeste 8′

Prestant 4′

Fluit 4′

Nazard 2 2/3′

Fluit 2′

Terts 1 3/5′

Scherp III

Trompet 8′

Hobo 8′

Vox Humana 8′

Klaroen 4′



Pedaal: Cello

Positief: Piano

Hoofdwerk: Strings

Zwelwerk: Chimes

Vivace 90-90DLX EU – Disposition.pdf