Bee T Five

The BEE speaker systems are really revolutionary: in an original and compact layout, they offer outstanding efficiency and great sound quality, with a wide and versatile control set. Great engineering and design provide optimum performance; choosing customized transducers and new synthetic materials for the cabinets. The cabinets are made of a high impact enclosure, allowing rugged sturdiness even with a light-weight structure, with an optimal ratio between rigidity and stability. Thanks to the unique enclosure shape, all BEE speaker systems can be used as PA fixed installation sound systems.

  • Hi Impedance for 70
  • 100V supply
  • Easy to install
  • White cabinet
  • Frequency resp optimized for vocals
  • External transformer taps
  • External barrier strip
  • 3 suspension points


Built with proprietary Voice Systems technology, BEE series speakers provide a linear response even at maximum power – without distortion. Voice System speakers represent a true breakthrough in sound reproduction quality – as they allow you to achieve a natural timbre with correct stereophonic effect.



Type Active Full Range Hi Impedance for 70-100V supply
Power (W) 50
Frequency response 90Hz-17kHz
Max SPL calculated (dB) 109
PC Control No
Speakers 5" Full Range
Cabinet Composite molded high impact enclosur
Protection Metal grid
Dimensions (WxHxD) cm 33 x 18,2 x 22,5
Weight Kg 3,5




BEE speakers are an elegant choice with superb technology: 
Housed in a compact and contemporary design, these speakers offer remarkable efficiency and high-quality sound, as well as an extensive and versatile set of controls. These speakers feature the latest technical solutions, like hoc acoustic components, lightweight yet durable synthetic materials and a special bi-amplification system (BEE MAX and  BEE THEATRE). The speaker is specially engineered to be extremely durable while optimally portable. BEE Series Speakers can also be used in a fixed sound source installation (Public Address system), thanks to its efficient and convenient design.



Control panel Bee T Five

The Bee T five panel lets you connect this passive loudspeaker to its amplifier through a set of terminal connections.


Handling Barrier strip