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Insider 10 MKII

Insider 10 MKII is a lightweight loudspeaker easy to use in fixed installations and live applications, but with great sound quality, due to a careful design combined with high quality transducers and a powerful digital amplifier of last generation. In addition, the same powerful digital processing system of the D: series gives an optimum yield and a sharp and dynamic reproduction.
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INSIDER MKII active loudspeakers are completely Digital, from the first stage of pre-amplification to the   power amplifier – it’s a complete digital domain. 

Elevated performance in quality and power   
Real power and signal management of power which is adaptable for any use    
Oongoing reliability 

Directly from audio engineers and the entertainment business, a series of “daily-use” tools help characterize these professional loudspeakers. 

There’s a powerful 12-band Anti-Feedback system to handle emergency situations.  A series of processing blocks constantly analyze the vital parameters of the system, guarding against possible anomalies and intervening to protect the circuits of the electro-acoustic components.



Type Satellite
Power - EIAJ 650W
Woofer Amplifier 500W
Tweeter Amplifier 150W
Frequency response 68Hz-20KHz
Input Sensitivity 0dBu
Max SPL (Medium value calculated) 129dB
Active Protective Circuitry Thermal, overload, short circuit
Subsonic Filter Yes
Nominal Impedance input bal 15kohm
Connections Powercon ac input, Powercon ac out, fem. XLR input, male XLR link
WOOFER 10" neodimium 2,5" VC, vented gap
TWEETER compression driver 1,7" neodimium, aluminium VC, Polymide diaphragm
Dispersion Angle 100° > 50° Hx45° with asimmetrical rotable horn
Crossover Frequency 1600Hz
High frequency protection ptc
Metal Stand Pole Mount 1 bottom side
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 351 x 494 x 347 - 13.81" x 19.44" x 13.66"
Colours / Finishes Black painted
Weight Kg 16 / Lbs 35,27
Nominal Diameter 10"
PC Control No




VERSE D:SIDER and  Insider MK II speaker series are constructed with the highest quality materials and care.
The Cabinets are made with 15/18 mm.  birch plywood finished with a special anti-scratch coating which is highly impact-resistant.
Skilled carpenters have realized a design which is super functional and highly durable. The wooden structure of the D: SIDER uses a series of metal angles for the internal frame reinforcement making the satellites practically indestructible.
The durable front grill has been engineered to provide excellent protection while allowing maximum sound dispersion.
VERSE speakers can be combined in many different configurations, allowing you and your art to grow and adapt over time.

Practical, lightweight, ergonomic, powerful.. these are VERSE speakers.



Control panel INSIDER MKII 

INSIDER MKII’s control pannel  in addition to the audio connections has also RS485 sockets for connection to a computer.

You have the following controls:  

  • Dynamic Loudness On /Off (compensation psychoacoustic perception of low and high frequencies).
  • High Pass Filter On/ Off (Changing the cut frequencies for the use of the speaker associated with a Sub)

You have the following displays:

  • Power On (Displays the operating status of the device)
  • Protection (indicates the operation of the protective device)
  • Temperature (Indicates the entry into operation of the thermal protection)
  • Limiter High (indicates the signal limiting of the acute part)
  • Limiter Low (indicates the signal limiting of the low part)
  • Signal On (Indicates the presence of a music signal)


D: SIDER and INSIDER MKII  are equipped with Powersoft Class-D amplifiers.  These are very high-performance amplifiers with advanced switching technology, including automatic fan-on when exceeding a predetermined temperature threshold. The preamp stage is digital with x-over filters, equalization, low frequency signal protection (low-cut filter), multiband limiter (with protection functions and anti-clipping). There are also special features such as anti-feedback and dynamic loudness.



The loudspeakers used on VERSE speakers are supplied by B & C, one of the most prestigious speaker makers in the industry. VERSE speakers have been specifically customized and optimized by B & C’s proprietary  “Finite Element Analysis (FEA)” software. This guarantees the utmost durability, efficiency, quality, and uncompromising sound. VERSE woofers are neodymium, making them much lighter but with exceptional performance in terms of power handling, low distortion and sensitivity (SPL).

 All VERSE loudspeakers have the following features:

  • increased sensitivity
  • increased power handling capacity
  • increased excursion capabilities 
  • lower distortion levels


VERSE D:SIDER and INSIDER MKII speakers have been designed for easy transport and quick set-up.

The speakers are equipped with comfortable and convenient side handles moulded into the chassis – making it easy to grab and move.


Hang Points

The permanent installation of D: SIDER is easily accomplished using the fly bar (optional), with a regular secure anchor, which allows a lot of flexibility and a quick and secure position in fixed installations.


Support for speaker stand

Each satellite is equipped with a sturdy metal support for speaker stands – which can also be used to attach to it’s own subwoofer.