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Piano Accessories

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  • VHD-1000


    • Professional and durable features;
    • Foldable design, easy to carry;
    • Precise closed cavity structure, accurate and pure sound;
    • Single-side detachable cacle, easy to change;
    • Top grade leather headband and earcushion enable a comfortable long time wearing;
    • Rotable earshell design for both sides;
    • Newest 50mm driver match perfectly with the cavity, can reproduce the most subtle sound;
    • Best choice for your Viscount music instrument.
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  • Piano bench

    Piano bench for Physis Piano H1, H2, H3 and Smart 20, 30. Learn More
  • PD3 Pedal

    Set of three pedals (Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft) properly designed for the Physis Piano, with one convenient connector. The sustain pedal has a gradual sensing position detection that allow “half pedalling”. Learn More
  • PD1 Pedal

    Sustain pedal, switch type. Learn More
  • Physis Piano Editor

    The Physis Piano Editor is a software program designed to edit Piano Sound Model available in the H1, H2, H3 and V100 Physis Piano instruments. The Physis Piano Software Editor it allows single note parameter editing, which is not found in the instrument, greatly increasing the editing possibilities. The software editor is very powerful, but also extremely easy to use. 

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  • 5 Item(s)

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