Viscount International: the Art of Sound!

Corporate Informations

Viscount SpA is strongly connected to its territory and to its regional traditions. Viscount HQ and factories are not placed in grey and anonimous suburbs, but in the charming town of Mondaino and its sorroundings. While western companies are now used to submit their products to Eastern-Europe countries, China and the likes, Viscount has still its main factories and woodwork labs in Mondaino, where the quality is ceaselessly under control, in order to ensure our customers top quality products. Our factories are eco-friendly, respecting every European standard, and the working environment is secure and pleasing. Mondaino is a tiny town in the "Romagna" region, spacing from crowded seasides to smooth hills and mild peaks, and Rimini, the main city in the sorroundings of Mondaino has a huge prestige as a summer vacation destination allover Europe.

Viscount is divided in many facilities:

Museo Fratelli Galanti

The Fratelli Galanti Museum: The old accordion factory was recently reconstructed, leaving intact the original building as well as the old instruments and machinery from time long passed. Today the museum tells the company's history, including an instrument timeline showroom and an auditorium where concerts are held.

Laboratori per l'Audio Professionale

Audio Professionals Labs: Our audio technicians work together in a single area. Here they plan and build propotypes for powerful loud speakers, which are durable and crystal clear. These are analyzed in sound absorbtion rooms which are commissioned and certified to University standards, to make sure they are accurate and reliable. 

Laboratori hardware e DSP:

Hardware and DSP Labs: The union of engineers and expert technicians from various fields including DSP, microelectronics, physical sound and effects generation, has contributed to the creation of an innovative research center capable of rapid evolution. 

Disegno meccanico

Furniture and Mechanical design Labs: Here our finest technicians have the difficult task of creating elaborate works of wood while attaining an ergonomic and well-constructed design.