Viscount International: the Art of Sound!

Corporate History

•The history of Galanti accordions began in the 19th century and tells a story of a family whose name is synonymous with music - producing musical instruments that for more than a century have spread the name from Mondaino throughout the world. 

•In just a few years came the first patents in the United States, bringing new technical and aesthetic improvements. The marketing was particularly aided during the Thirties when the Galanti instruments were selected by the world's best accordion players as well as Paulette Goddard - one of the first major movie stars and wife of Charlie Chaplin.

•At the same time (1932) in Mondaino came a new factory, which today is considered historically significant as it was one of the first cement-made factories ever built in Italy. 
•Innovations continued after the second World War when the independent Bass was invented - allowing free sound of the bass notes and giving heightened control and creativity to the music. This innovation led to new musical tastes alongside the accordion - including electric guitars, electric organs and vibraphones. 
•In 1969 Marcello Galanti founded Viscount International. In the 1980's electronic musical instruments were completely re-born thanks to the advent of digital technology. This would create a new evolution of quality and performance which would include keyboards, pianos and even classical electric organs. 
•With the beginning of the 21st century and heightened global competition, the company faced a new challenge, responding with an innovative sound-generation technology based on physical modeling -  offering  electronic musical instruments with exclusive performance advantages.



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