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Chorale series organs feature a modern, compact design.



Made with proprietary technology specifically designed in Viscount’s Research & Development Laboratories, the Chorale series instruments provide authentic pipe organ sound. The beauty of the registers is enhanced by a powerful reverb system capable of recreating an amazing variety of environments - from the small chapel to the majestic cathedral.

Chorale series organs are equipped with a simple yet functional interface; your settings can easily be stored and quickly recalled thanks to a flexible variety of programmable buttons; "Organ Style" presets are freely changeable, allowing you to use the organ tone perfectly matched to the organ repertoire of any musical period. A Chorale series organ is the ideal instrument for all discriminating organists, from students to professionals, and the enthusiast in between.

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  • Chorale 3

    Ideal either for practice at home or music classrooms and for churches, Chorale 3 provide simplicity and immediacy combined with quality of construction and richness of sounds. The great user interface by the graphic display menu, the wide palette of organ beautiful sounds and orchestra voices, the flexibility of the instrument accomplish the wish the most demanding player. Learn More
  • Chorale 2

    Thanks to the Chorale 2, you can now enjoy a genuine and affordable Viscount-quality organ. With 2x61 Note Keyboards with Tracker Touch system, a full 30-note pedalboard, 31 Voices and all the relative controls easily accessible via the LCD alphanumeric display, the Chorale 2 is the organ of choice for all students, offering excellent performance at a great price. Learn More
  • Chorale P31

    With the Chorale P31, an elegant organ in Positive style at a great price, Viscount has skilfully managed to combine tradition and technology. With 31 voices, 5 styles and a rich internal library, the Chorale P31 offers an unlimited range of sounds, versatile and perfectly adapted to the churches, to the music classrooms, to your home. Learn More
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